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How ‘The Conservative Sensibility’ Brought America To This Political Moment

Political commentator George F Will
Political commentator George F Will

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By many measures, political polarization has reached new heights in the United States, and arguably, the world.

In his latest book, "The Conservative Sensibility” Pulitzer Prize-winning author and columnist, George F. Will, reflects on the foundation of American conservatism in a political moment that puts the definition of conservatism in question. 

The Conservative Sensibility
The Conservative Sensibility

Will assesses the vision that America’s founders originally conceived and how that vision been interpreted over the course of American history until the present day.

He asserts that the original conservatism that shaped the Declaration of Independence is now under threat from all sides. 

Larry sits down with George F. Will to discuss how the journey America took throughout history brought us to the present-day state of American civic life. 


George F. Will, political, domestic, and foreign affairs columnist and author of sixteen books including “The Conservative Sensibility” (Hachette Books, June 2019); he tweets @GeorgeWill