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After The Biggest Earthquake In 20 Years, We Check In With Ridgecrest-Area Residents

Southern California Hit By Second Big Earthquake In Two Days
Southern California Hit By Second Big Earthquake In Two Days
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The most powerful earthquake California has seen in 20 years hit the state on July 4th, followed by an even larger 7.1 earthquake the next day. 

Aftershocks continue to shake California, and more tremors are expected. 

On top of wildfires and mudslides, these recent quakes reminded Californian’s of the looming “Big One,” though seismologists say last week’s episodes are unlikely to be related to it.

As Southern Californians respond to the earthquakes’ aftermath, we check in with a seismologist and residents in the towns of Ridgecrest and Trona to see what has developed over the weekend.


Robert de Groot, staff scientist and coordinator for communication, education and outreach for the ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Warning Project at the U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Science Center in Pasadena

Larry Cox, senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Trona, CA 

Sarah Macedo, resident of Ridgecrest 

Alexis Zubia, resident from Ridgecrest