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Should Facial Recognition And Biometric Scanners Be Banned from Police Body Cams In CA?

Police facial recognition scanners
Police facial recognition scanners

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The California legislature is considering a bill that would ban law enforcement from using facial recognition software on body camera footage. 

Assembly Bill 1215 would also prevent law enforcement agencies from using biometric scanners. 

Advocates of the bill say that the technology presents privacy and civil rights issues, and that on top of that, the software is prone to misidentifying people. 

But some law enforcement groups say that they should have access to a tool that could help them identify perpetrators and that it could be potentially cost-saving. 

We discuss the pros and cons of the ban. 


Kevin Baker, legislative director for the ACLU of California; he tweets @KevinGBaker

Derek Sabatini, lieutenant with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department