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Sure, It’ll Get You From A To B, But How Does GPS Impact Your Brain And Sense Of Place

A man uses a GPS app on a smartphone
A man uses a GPS app on a smartphone

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If you ask someone for directions to a location, they’ll probably look at you with puzzlement and give you an address you can plug in to your GPS instead.

While GPS technology was fully operational for military use in 1995, it became commonplace in the mass market over the last fifteen years or so.

Since then, millions around the world have become reliant on the technology to get around.

According to neuroscientists, regular GPS use has taken a toll on perception and judgement, and even on engagement with our physical environment.

Larry sits down with a researcher who studies the effect of GPS use to discuss how regular use can impact the brain.


Véronique D. Bohbot, cognitive neuroscientist at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute and professor in the department of psychiatry at McGill University in Montreal; she uses navigation to study different types of memory