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All The Feels About Sending Your Kids Off To College

Parent and child preparing to move into a college dorm
Parent and child preparing to move into a college dorm
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School’s out this month, and when it comes to high school seniors, leaving the nest can bring an emotional ride for parents — especially if that birdie is flying far away for college.

Love it or hate it, the house will start to feel a little more empty without those signs of teenage angst. There will be less noise, less chores to nag about and one less plate to set at the dinner table. (It’s okay, let those tears roll down.)

If you’re a parent with a young one heading off to college, how are you preparing? Or if your kids have already left home, how did you cope and what’s the best advice you have for other parents? Or perhaps wisdom bestowed to your own kids to prep them for this next big chapter in life?

Larry Mantle’s own son, Desmond, is also off to college this year and joins us in studio.

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Desmond Mantle, high school graduate; son of Larry Mantle