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The Most Surprising Niche Magazines You’ve Ever Seen

Niche magazines cover a wide range of topics.
Niche magazines cover a wide range of topics.
Twins Magazine/Potato Grower Magazine

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Are you a twin, factory crane professional or emu enthusiast? Because, if so, there’s a magazine for you.

Even in the midst of the Internet age, you can find countless magazines with very specific and surprising niches.

There’s a magazine dedicated entirely to hats. Another is called the ‘Potato Review.’ There’s even a trade magazine for chimney sweeps. And if you’ve ever wondered what’s new in the world of elevators, look no further than – you guessed it – ‘Elevator World.’

What is the most surprising niche magazine you’ve ever come across? Are you a dedicated subscriber to one of these publications, or do you know someone who is? Call us at 866-893-5722.


Diana Landau, blog editor for Sacramento-based Niche Media HQ, which puts on educational conferences for niche publishers to help them learn how to drive revenue and maintain readership