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SAT To Issue 'Adversity Score' To Students Based On Social And Economic Background

SAT College Exams To Implement New
SAT College Exams To Implement New "Adversity Score"
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The College Board, the nonprofit group that oversees the SAT, announced it will administer an “adversity score” to each student who takes the SAT exam.

The score will measure 15 factors including crime rates, poverty rates and housing value in each students’ respective community.

The Wall Street Journal writes that the impact of income inequality has been a longtime concern of the College Board.

CEO of the College Board, David Coleman thinks that there are myriad students with strong academic skills that aren’t being reflected by their SAT scores due to socioeconomic challenges in student’s lives.

Groups that oppose the score think the way in which it is measured and who exactly is measuring the score need to be revealed to the public in order to determine whether it is being implemented fairly and without bias.

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Jeff Strohl, director of Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce

Maria Ferguson, executive director of the Center on Education Policy (CEP), a public education research institute based at the George Washington University in DC.