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LA City Council to vote next week on proposal to ban digital advertising from taxi, rideshare rooftops

A firefly rooftop display sits on top of a ride sharing car
A firefly rooftop display sits on top of a ride sharing car
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Taxicabs sporting digital advertising boards are a dime a dozen in New York City, but here in Los Angeles, cabs and their ridesharing counterparts could be prohibited from mounting the displays on their rooftops if a motion passes L.A. City Council next week.

San Fernando Valley Councilman Bob Blumenfield is behind the proposal, saying that the billboards are bright, distracting and could present a driving safety hazard. Firefly, a company that outfits taxis and Uber and Lyft drivers’ cars with rooftop digital billboards and is singled out in Blumenfield’s motion, says that a ban would take income away from rideshare and taxi drivers in an industry where they are already fighting for every cent per mile they can get.

Today on AirTalk, Councilman Blumenfield and a Firefly representative share their arguments for and against the ban, respectively, and take calls from drivers on their thoughts. Join the conversation at 866-893-5722.


Bob Blumenfield, L.A. City Councilman who introduced the motion, which will be heard in council next week; he represents Council District 3, which spans the West San Fernando Valley from Woodland Hills to Winnetka and includes the neighborhoods of Canoga Park, Reseda and Tarzana; he tweets @BobBlumenfield

Pete Gould, national policy advisor for Firefly, a San Francisco-based company that provides smart screen advertising for taxi and rideshare vehicles; he tweets @pete_gould