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How do you relate to your Muslim identity? We hear stories of generational divide and convergence

The logo for KPCC's new podcast
The logo for KPCC's new podcast "Tell Them, I Am"
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Today, KPCC is launching its new limited-series podcast, “Tell Them, I Am” -- twenty-two episodes with a new episode dropping every weekday of this Ramadan.

Each episode features an interview with a guest who is Muslim about a small moment that defined them, and the guests include Tan France, Alia Shawkat and more. These aren’t stories of terrorism or Islamophobia. As host Misha Euceph puts it, these are stories that are universal; the voices are all Muslim.

The stories explore everything from spirituality to career growth, but today on AirTalk we want to zoom in on one specific facet explored by the podcast: how different generations approach being Muslim. Whether your parents are more religious or traditional or less so, or whether you’ve carved your own definition of how to be Muslim, we want to hear your story.

Do you relate to and practice your Muslim identity in the same way as your parents or grandparents? Or your kids? What generational differences or similarities have you observed?

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Misha Euceph, host and producer of KPCC’s podcast “Tell Them, I Am;” she tweets @MishaEuceph