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A school in Houston implements a dress code… for parents

James Madison High School in Houston, Texas
James Madison High School in Houston, Texas
James Madison High School

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Shower caps, hair rollers, pajamas, sagging pants -- those are just some of things donned by parents of students at James Madison High School in Houston.

And its principal has had enough. The school recently issued a policy banning parents who dress inappropriately from entering the school.

The list of forbidden items, besides the aforementioned items, also includes low-rider shorts, torn jeans and leggings.

James Madison High isn’t the only school in the country that has instituted a dress code for parents. An elementary school in Richmond, Virginia, asked parents not to wear sleep caps, pajamas, short shorts and pants sitting below the waist. And a Tennessee lawmaker has introduced a bill requiring school districts to create a code of conduct for parents.

But these proposals are not without controversy. Critics argue that a dress code would discourage parents from participating in their son’s or daughter’s school.


Tawnell D. Hobbs, national K-12 education reporter for The Wall Street Journal; she tweets @Tawnell