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First Amendment expert Eugene Volokh on why he launched a video series for students

Eugene Volokh
Eugene Volokh
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You’ve heard him on our airwaves numerous times, talking about first amendment issues that run the gamut from the president blocking Twitter users to which items can and can’t be banned at public demonstrations.

And now UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh is launching a series of animated videos to explain first amendment issues to K-12 students (and the rest of us).

Want to know the difference between defamation and libel? What about which kinds of speech are protected in schools? (Hint: materially disruptive speech is not a constitutionally protected right, kids.) And when can “hate speech” be prohibited by law?

Professor Volokh breaks it down for you, in videos such as this one:

Larry Mantle sits down with Professor Volokh to discuss what prompted him to distill his expertise into these animated videos, how he chose the topics and more.

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Eugene Volokh, law professor at UCLA teaching free speech law; he tweets @VolokhC