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One of the country’s toughest use-of-force bills will get its first public hearing in CA

A Long Beach police car.
A Long Beach police car.
Benjamin Brayfield/KPCC

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Prompted by the shooting of Stephon Clark last year, California lawmakers are considering a use-of-force bill that would limit officers’ use of lethal force only when “necessary” to defend against imminent death or severe harm.

The state bill, AB 392, is facing its first public hearing next week. If passed, it would be the strictest use-of-force law in the nation.

But experts on both sides of the debate are unhappy with the bill, while others — like the ACLU which backs the bill — think it’s an important first step towards the reduction of fatal police shootings.

We want to hear from you: Do you think this bill could make a significant enough impact on policing? Do you work in law enforcement and have concerns about unintended consequences of this bill?

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Cheryl Dorsey, retired Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD); She served between 1980-2000

Ronald A. Lawrence, president of the California Police Chiefs Association and chief of police at the Citrus Heights Police Department; he tweets @Chief_Lawrence