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San Diego moves to eliminate parking requirements for new housing. Is LA next?

A view of Downtown San Diego from Coronado Bay
A view of Downtown San Diego from Coronado Bay
Ed Joyce/KPCC

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San Diego City Council voted Monday to nix the minimum parking requirement for new housing developments. The change comes as the city aims to address housing shortage and move away from a car-oriented city plan.

The new policy will allow developers to build condominium or apartment buildings without parking spots if the property is located within a half-mile distance from a major public transit stop. Sacramento and San Francisco are two other California cities that have already approved similar parking changes.

We’ll talk about how this politically-challenging proposal made it through the city council, how a similar proposal might look in Los Angeles and the specific challenges that would need to be addressed here, and check-in on the efforts to address the affordable housing crisis at the state level.

With guest host Libby Denkmann


Andrew Bowen, metro reporter at KPBS; he tweets @acbowen

Katy Murphy, State Capitol and housing reporter for the Bay Area News Group; she tweets @katymurphy

Michael Manville, assistant professor of urban planning at UCLA

Mott Smith, principal with Civic Enterprise Development, a mid-sized developing firm based in L.A., and adjunct professor in the USC Price School of Public Policy; he tweets @mottsmith