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LA Metro enacts new plan to help get people to stations--in a stranger’s car

Car share parking at the Westlake/MacArthur Park Station
Car share parking at the Westlake/MacArthur Park Station
Emily Elena Dugdale

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Metro Los Angeles has launched a partnership with Getaround, an online car-sharing service, Thursday to help people better access public transportation.

As LAist reports, 110 cars are available around the county for people to rent and drive to 27 participating Metro stations. According to Metro’s blog, those “locations were chosen to prioritize equability for communities that need affordable car share services.” You can register for the service through the Getaround app, which also locks and unlocks the car, so users don’t need keys. Getaround also covers collision and liability insurance. People who rent their car for the program get 60 percent of user fees, which can be anywhere from $5 to approximately $20. However, Getaround Western Regional Manager James Correa, did not specify a price cap when he spoke to LAist.

L.A. Metro is hoping the service will boost ridership, as access to first and last-mile connections have been an issue for Angelenos who don’t live within walking distance to a station. But there are still questions on how a system like this would work. It’s unclear how accessible these cars will be, and whether people would be willing to pay a fee just to get to public transportation. For a deeper dive into how Metro’s new car-sharing service works, Larry talks with KPCC reporter Meghan McCarty and Metro’s deputy CEO for countywide planning, Frank Ching.


Meghan McCarty-Carino, KPCC transportation and mobility reporter

Frank Ching, deputy executive officer for countywide planning and development with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro)