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AirTalk asks: What are your war stories in the battle against outside critters?

Image of a rat in the wild.
Image of a rat in the wild.
Krista van der Voorden/Flickr/Creative Commons

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For Los Angeles Times Columnist Steve Lopez, the critter battle started with a racoons.

They were perpetually digging up holes in his Silver Lake yard, and his attempts to drive them away were futile, despite his creative efforts. “Coyote urine, ammonia-soaked sponges, cayenne pepper and motion sensor sprinklers”; these were just some of the tactics used to stop his unwanted visitors.

Lopez even hired an animal communicator--yes, that’s a thing. And no, it didn’t work. But Lopez’s story isn’t unique. As he wrote recently, rats are also a common form of vermin in L.A. homes. They apparently made their way here on ships from Asia, back in the day. The SoCal sunshine, and all that healthy food made for a pleasant place for rats to populate. 

We want to hear from you. What is your “white whale” vermin or critter story? Was there a pest you tried with all your might to get rid of, but fell short?

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Steve Lopez, columnist for the Los Angeles Times; he wrote the article, “Man vs. rat: A true tale of life in Los Angeles"