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Something old, something new: the bills that kicked off the legislative session yesterday

California State Capitol in Sacramento
California State Capitol in Sacramento
Lori Galarreta/KPCC

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The new legislative session began yesterday, marked by a Democratic supermajority and an increase in women lawmakers, as well as the introduction of close to 60 bills.

Some of those bills are tweaked re-introductions of bills that didn’t make it in the last session. For example, Sen. Scott Weiner (D-San Francisco) re-introduced his bill to increase apartment housing near transit, with changes that are meant to appease tenant groups. And Assemblymember Phil Ting re-introduced a version of his bill meant to gradually ban gas cars.

One assemblymember pledged to introduce a bill that would allow undocumented immigrants to receive Medicaid. Some big picture themes of the new bills included action on wildfires, housing, early childhood education and the gig economy.

We recap some of the bills introduced yesterday. Plus, are these bills a bellwether for the biggest policy fights to come in 2019? How might these bills fare under incoming Governor Newsom?


John Myers, Sacramento bureau chief for the Los Angeles Times; he tweets at @johnmyers

Laurel Rosenhall, political reporter for CALmatters, the nonprofit journalism site covering California; she tweets @LaurelRosenhall