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The latest in growing tensions between Disney and Anaheim: Disney nixes luxe hotel

Disneyland's Main Street Station
Disneyland's Main Street Station
Daryl Barker/KPCC

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In August, the Anaheim City Council nixed a tax rebate agreement with the Disneyland Resort. Now, the Walt Disney Co. is pointing to the move as the reason it’s pulling the plug on building a 700-room luxury hotel near its resort in Anaheim.

This episode is one in a series of growing strains between Anaheim and Disney. The city told Disney that it was pulling the rebate because Disney changed the agreed upon location of its proposed hotel. Disney responded that the new spot was only 1,000 feet from the original. Some businesses, such as stores and restaurants, had been closed to clear the path for Disney’s original location.

We get a break down of the latest with L.A. Times staff writer Hugo Martin. 


Hugo Martin, staff writer for the Los Angeles Times, covering the travel industry, where he’s been following this story; he tweets @hugomartin