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As LA Metro considers renaming rail lines, AirTalk asks: What are your ideas?

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Metro rail lines are quickly expanding across Los Angeles.

With its growth, Metro leadership has began re-evaluating its current, 28-year old color-coded naming system.

By 2028, metro officials plan on completing eight additional bus and rail lines, including a Crenshaw/LAX line, among others. In an effort to make the rail system easier to navigate, metro staff are considering a new naming convention going forward.

The new proposal suggests adding letters or numbers to the system’s current color names, converting the Blue Line to the A Line, the Red Line to the B Line, and so on. Other options include simply naming every line after a number, a color, or keeping it as is.

This possible change addresses some issues the transit system has identified, such as inconsistent names and difficulty to decipher similar shades of color (especially for people who are colorblind). The board of directors are expected to discuss the suggestions later this week and hope to decide on a proposal by December.

Larry asks listeners to share their suggestions on improving Metro’s current naming system (LAist had some ideas of their own). So how would you rename the Metro lines? Call in at 866-893-5722 and tell us what you think.


Pauletta Tonilas, chief communications officer at LA Metro

Laura J. Nelson, transportation reporter for the Los Angeles Times; she tweets @laura_nelson