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WeWork just went meat-less

WeWork Culver City Commons Los Angeles, CA
WeWork Culver City Commons Los Angeles, CA

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WeWork, the shared workspace company imposed a new policy this month saying that they will no longer be serving red meat, pork or poultry at company functions, and it will not reimburse employees who order meals with meat at company-organized events.

WeWork declined an interview but the new policy is said to be a decision that was driven largely by concerns for the environment and to some extent, animal welfare. The company has nearly 6,000 employees and the policy was their way of raising consciousness about the environment. According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), the production and distribution of red meat such as beef and lamb is responsible for 10 to 40 times as many greenhouse gas emissions as common vegetables and grains.

Although conscious eating may positively impact the environment, this policy leads to a bigger question of whether WeWork enforcing vegetarianism is imposing too much of their corporate values on employees' personal lives.

Has WeWork gone too far? Have you experienced policy implementations in your workplace that you felt were imposing values on you? If you are a vegan or vegetarian evangelist, what is the best way to go about encouraging people to make the switch? Call 866.893.5722.

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Heather Bussing, employment lawyer based in the San Francisco Bay Area, she tweets at @heatherbussing

Preeta Sinha, co-founder of One Green Planet, a publishing platform focused on issues pertaining to animal welfare, sustainable food and environmental protection; founder, Food Monster, a phone app that provides vegan and meat-free recipes