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The latest at the border: Judge temporarily pauses deportations of reunited migrant families

A detention center in Karnes City, Texas
A detention center in Karnes City, Texas
Eric Gay/AP

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A federal judge has temporarily halted deportations of families who have been recently reunited after they were separated by the Trump administration.

The American Civil Liberties Union filed paperwork saying attorneys were concerned about rumors of "mass deportations" following reunification of children ages five to 17 with their parents. They asked that deportations be stalled at least a week after the families were reunified to allow time to ensure no family is being improperly deported.

Judge Dana Sabraw said Monday he'd order a temporary halt to any deportations for a week until the government can respond to the ACLU motion. He asked whether there were any issues over whether he had jurisdiction but there were no verbal objections. He gave government lawyers one week to respond to the ACLU's concerns, and he would rule permanently after going over the paperwork.

The Trump administration has said it completed reunifying all eligible children under five, and reunifying families with older children is happening on a rolling basis. Meanwhile, the Trump administration announced its plan Friday to reunite 2,500 kids with their families in ten days. That announcement came after a federal judge pressed the administration last week to meet deadline to reunify dozens of migrant children.

We check in on immigration, including President Trump’s plans to reunite those families and what is happening at the border.

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Alicia A. Caldwell, Los Angeles-based immigration reporter for the Wall Street Journal, who has been reporting on immigration, border security and the recent pause on deportation of reunited families; she tweets @acaldwellwsj

Ted Hesson, employment and immigration reporter for POLITICO Pro, who has reported on the latest court order to temporary halt deportation of reunited families; he tweets @tedhesson