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House bet: preview of Orange County congressional races, and the Dems’ chances at winning

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Southern California is home to a half-dozen congressional districts where the fate of Republican seats could help decide which of the two major parties wins control of the U.S. House.

Nearly all of the districts are in Orange County, the once staunchly conservative region undergoing demographic changes that are nudging the county more to the left. In 2016, for the first time in 80 years, Orange County favored a Democrat for president.

Two incumbent GOP congressmen — Darrell Issa and Ed Royce — announced earlier this year that they were stepping down from office. Their decision opened up the field to a rush of congressional hopefuls from both parties.

Larry speaks with KPCC reporters Mary Plummer and Jill Replogle, plus Voice of OC’s Norberto Santana on the big OC races next week.

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Jill Replogle, KPCC’s Orange County reporter; she tweets @jillrep

Mary Plummer, senior politics reporter for KPCC who’s been following the story; she tweets @maryplummer

Norberto Santana Jr., publisher of “Voice of OC,” a nonprofit newsroom that focuses on civics and government in Orange County since 2009; he tweets @NorbertoSantana