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Debating the environmental and business costs of plastic straws and bottle caps

Bottles of mineral water.
Bottles of mineral water.
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There’s a heated debate between businesses and environmentalists about the cost of lessening the use of plastic straws and tethering bottle caps to their plastic containers.

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, two bills on plastics are making waves in the California Assembly, and their proponents are hoping to further the state’s reputation as a leader in environmental action. One bill, AB-1884, would keep sit-down restaurants from giving out plastic straws, unless customers ask for them. Another bill, AB-2779, would restrict retailers from selling one-use plastic bottles, unless their caps are designed to stay attached after opening the container.

Opponents of the bill say that the proposed restrictions on plastic straws and caps would be a government overreach. Larry speaks to an environmental and business advocate today, for a lively debate.


Genevieve Abedon, policy associate with EcoConsult, an environmental consulting firm representing various nonprofits and environmental groups in Sacramento

Stuart Waldman, president of the Valley Industry & Commerce Association (VICA), a non-profit representing businesses in the San Fernando Valley; VICA is opposed to AB 2779, the plastic cap bill