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The joy, frustrations and meaning of 'modern fatherhood'

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As the father of four kids, Chris Erskine doesn’t have a lot of quiet moments.

The Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune humor columnist isn’t shy about sharing the chaos of dad-hood. Case in point: Erskine has written in detail about the trials of dressing a newborn or how a new puppy can spark a variety of drama at home. In his new book, “Daditude: The Joys & Absurdities of Modern Fatherhood,” Erskine finds the funny in the ups and downs of being a dad in 2018. He’s taken a collection of essays recounting both big and mundane moments with his kids and wife.

The collection reads like journal entries where Erksine recounts out the best way to parent both newborns and teenagers. His family members also provide annotations to his work. Erskine drops by the studio today to talk about “modern fatherhood.” And shares highlights from his book about the joys of being a dad, and what it means to have everything— and give it all to your kids.

If you're a dad, what are your best moments of modern fatherhood? How do you think fatherhood has changed since you were a kid?


Chris Erskine, author of the new book, “Daditude: the Joys & Absurdities of Modern Fatherhood” (Prospect Park Books, 2018); columnist for the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune