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The experience of being an older college student

Royce Hall on UCLA's campus in Los Angeles, California.
Royce Hall on UCLA's campus in Los Angeles, California.
Ignacio Andrade/Flickr Creative Commons

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If you visit any major university, you’ll find undergraduates from countless different cities, cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds, but most are about the same age – in fact, at UC Berkeley, 95 percent of undergraduates are under 25.

Older students add a wide diversity of experience to four-year universities, but the campus climate can be isolating, as student programs and events are often geared toward younger classmates. Some seek each other out through organizations designed to connect “non-traditional” or “re-entry” students on campus.

If you pursued an undergraduate degree after your early 20s, what was your experience? What were your biggest challenges? What surprised you? And what was it that ultimately led you to go back to school?

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Heather Adams, program director of the UCLA Transfer Center and non-traditional student programming; she is a non-traditional student herself and started UCLA’s first student organization for students over 25, the Non-Traditional Students Network