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Chicano Batman: on their recent success, cleaning green rooms and breaking free of the ‘Latino time slot’

East L.A. band Chicano Batman
East L.A. band Chicano Batman
Chicano Batman

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If you’re into soul, psychedelia, Latin rock or tropicalia, Chicano Batman has the 70's-inspired sound for you.

The Los Angeles-based band is coming up on its ten-year anniversary in 2018, and two of its four members –  Eduardo Arenas and Bardo Martinez –  joined us in-studio.

Courtesy of Chicano Batman

So who, exactly, is Chicano Batman? "It was pretty much Bardo's brainchild," said Arenas. "In the beginning he had a bunch of comics and sketches of what Chicano Batman looked like, and it was essentially a regular dude, a little mustache, muscle shirt, cut off Dickies and a mask. It was kind of provocative saying that Bruce Wayne was just could be our neighbor."

We talk to Arenas and Martinez about their influences, fighting the stereotypes that come with the territory of being a "Latino" band and what they're looking forward to next year.

Chicano Batman will be playing shows at the Ventura Theater on December 29, The Observatory North Park on December 30 and the Fox Theater on December 31. For more information on their tour, click here.


Eduardo Arenas, bass guitar player and singer for Chicano Batman

Bardo Martinez, lead singer, organist and guitar player for Chicano Batman