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That $500 million home for sale in LA

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Housing prices keep going up in Southern California, making homeownership out-of-reach for many Angelenos.

As the city and state tackle the housing crunch and affordable housing issues, one of the most expensive homes in America is on the market  right here in L.A.

It’s a behemoth in Bel-Air that features 20 bedrooms -- the largest one clocks in at 5,500 sq ft, four swimming pools, and a commercial-size beauty salon.

And the asking price? Just $500 million dollars.

Would a listing like this change the high-end real estate game in L.A.? Could this spur a nuclear arms race of over-the-top houses? Who might actually buy such an expensive building?


Candace Jackson, journalist and author of the NY Times piece looking at the $500-million Bel-Air house

Alice Kimm, architect and cofounder of LA-based architecture firm, JFAK

Brent Chang, co-founder and estate director of Compass Real Estate, Pasadena; they specialize in luxury properties in the eastside of Los Angeles