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‘Are we there yet?’ How to travel with kids this holiday season

A child weeps on August 23, 2010 to Fort Carson, Colorado.
A child weeps on August 23, 2010 to Fort Carson, Colorado.
John Moore/Getty Images

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The holiday season is upon us, but even a vacation can feel like work if you’re wrangling crying kids into car seats to the tune of the “Moana” soundtrack which you’ve heard for the twenty-third time that day.  

Traveling with kids, whether by plane, train or car, can be daunting. But according to Ondine Cohane’s recent piece in the New York Times, there are some tricks to make things easier. Like letting everyone in the family pick at least one activity. Or setting more lenient vacation rules that include extended computer time, but being clear that at home, things will return to normal.  

What are your horror stories about traveling with kids? Success stories? Which tips and tricks do you find most helpful?


Mike Spohr, editor of Buzzfeed Parents and co-author of “The Toddler Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Whiny Unfed”; he tweets @newbornidentity