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Home Grown: When pot gets in the way of your relationship

An activist smokes a joint during a protest in Bogota, on August 1, 2017.
An activist smokes a joint during a protest in Bogota, on August 1, 2017.

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No matter how much you love them, every significant other, family member or roommate likely comes with a habit or two you wish they would break.

When the issue is something as small as forgetting to put the toilet seat down or leaving their shoes all over the house, it could be overlooked – but what happens when the problem is their pot habit?

As 2018 approaches, California is putting the final touches on regulating the state’s newly legalized recreational marijuana industry. LA’s City Council approved a set of rules for the new businesses Wednesday, including how shops applying for licenses will be inspected and where they will be able to open within city limits. Regardless of your personal views on recreational marijuana, usage is going to become much easier and more normalized.

Have you ever been in a close relationship with someone who didn’t share your views on recreational marijuana? How did you to make your relationship work – or were your diverging opinions too much to bear?

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