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Vinyl Revival: The enduring romance of LP records

A turntable plays an LP record.
A turntable plays an LP record.
psistrm/flickr Creative Commons

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These days, you can buy a turntable at Bed Bath and Beyond, an Ariana Grande LP at Urban Outfitters and even retro-looking record players equipped with bluetooth connections - impressive for a medium that was practically abandoned three decades ago.

In fact, the hype has gotten so big that Sony Music is getting back into the game, opening a vinyl press in Japan for the first time since they shut down LP production in 1989. Records aren’t just a collector’s hobby anymore.

So what gives? In a world where music is so easily shared and downloaded, why dust off and refresh this relic of music listening? And how do longtime, diehard vinyl fans feel about this uptick in popularity?


Patrick McCarthy, project manager and reissue producer for Light In The Attic, an LA-based record label