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With the advent of YouTube TV, looking at the changing landscape of television streaming

A web page of the is displayed on a computer screen, 02 August 2006.
A web page of the is displayed on a computer screen, 02 August 2006.

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YouTube TV went live on Wednesday. And the Google endeavor is making headlines as a possible way to entice younger generations to pay for television.

As reported by Wired, the new service may have a shot at what’s been an uphill battle for previously launched internet streaming television services such as Dish’s Sling TV and Sony Playstation Vue. But YouTube TV has huge name recognition which could be a catalyst for changing the landscape of paid television streaming. And at $35 a month, it’s uncertain how the chips may fall for the brand. YouTube isn’t the only one willing to give the market a try. Hulu is planning its own launch later this year.

Would you pay for YouTube TV? Can YouTube TV revive paying for television, or will younger generations of watchers say “no thanks”?


Klint Finley, writer covering telecommunications and internet service providers for Wired Business; he’s been following the story