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Terry Gross joins Larry to talk about KPCC's new schedule

Terry Gross, host of NPR's
Terry Gross, host of NPR's "Fresh Air."

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Hey AirTalk listeners!

In case you haven't heard, on Monday, Jan. 30th, AirTalk is moving up to an earlier time slot - 10am to noon. We'll still be bringing Southern Californians together every weekday for two hours of the largest and most interesting conversation in the region. And we're excited, because the earlier hours will help us stay more on top of the day's news and keep you informed. 

The move is part of broader programming changes that will sharpen KPCC's morning news focus.

It also means you can now have lunch with Terry Gross as Fresh Air will now air weekdays at noon in addition to its usual 8 pm slot. 

To kickoff the new schedule, Terry joins Larry on the show today to talk about the art of the interview, standout moments from her 40-year career, and to take your questions.

Have a question for Terry? Call us at 866-893-5722, tweet @AirTalk, and let us know what your favorite Terry Gross interview has been.