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How should the media cover Trump’s tweets?

Screenshot of Trump's Twitter account
Screenshot of Trump's Twitter account
Screenshot of Trump's Twitter account

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Donald Trump's tweets have once again made headlines. As reported by CNBC, the president-elect criticized the cost of Boeing's 747 Air Force One, the plane being built for his term.

According to Trump, costs for the aircraft would total to more than $4 billion. About 10 seconds after the tweet was published, Boeing's stock went down as much as 1 percent, recovering later in the day.

But Boeing is just one of a long string of news items originating on Twitter. From cabinet picks to feuds with the cast of Hamilton, Trump is gearing up to use Twitter in a way that no other president has. And that means the media has to find new ways to cover his dealings on social media.

So how should news outlets and journalists report on Trump's Tweets? And what do citizens want to see from the president-elect on social media?

NPR correspondent David Folkenflik speaks with Larry today on the public's demand for Trump's Twitter coverage, and how news organizations are adapting.


David Folkenflik, Media Correspondent, NPR (National Public Radio); he tweets from @davidfolkenflik