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AirTalk asks: How are you voting on California’s recreational marijuana prop 64? And why?

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Proposition 64, which will legalize recreational marijuana, has a high chance of passing in California.

According to a recent Capital Public Radio report, the measure would make it legal for adults 21 or older in the state possess, purchase or carry a limited amount of marijuana, but only for personal use.

Proponents of the measure argue that adult use of recreational pot will bring down crime, forcing regulation of legitimate businesses to sell the drug, and keep marijuana from being marketed to children.

Opponents of Prop 64 say the measure would promote the use of marijuana. They also argue the law would create problems enforcing laws against impaired driving, as there are currently no standards for smoking pot and driving a car.

OC Register Reporter Brooke Staggs, who’s been covering the proposition, joins Larry today to answer your questions about Prop. 64, and explain the ins and outs of this potential new law.


Brooke Staggs, reporter for the OC Register; she has been covering cannabis for Southern California News Group; she tweets @JournoBrooke