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Why political mailers seem to know you so well

Dozens of mailers.
Dozens of mailers.
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What are slate mailers? And how do they know so much about you

In these final days before the election, registered voters in Southern California are being inundated with slate mailers - those publications created by a campaign or for-profit consulting service that are mailed to voters telling them which candidates or ballot measures to vote for. 

For many, the snail mail feels like a throwback to the days of yore, but even in this digital age, slate mailers still have significant sway on election outcomes and modern technology has made them increasingly sophisticated. Larry Mantle talks with an expert on slate mailers and KPCC's Aaron Mendelson, who's been tracking the mail that voters here in Southern California are getting this year. 

Have you received a slate mailer? KPCC is still collecting them this election season, in a project we're calling #WhoMailedIt - send us what you're seeing at or tweet us a picture under #WhoMailedIt.


Aaron Mendelson, KPCC’s Associate Digital Producer for data and interactive projects

Paul Mitchell, Vice President of Political Data Inc, a bipartisan data provider based in California. It provides political data for a variety of causes and outfits, including slate mailers