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Vast majority of Californians lean in favor of marijuana ballot initiative, poll says

California Counts

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A new proposition to legalize marijuana in California may pass this November, according to a recent California Counts poll.

The poll, which was administered by a collaboration of four public media organizations including KPCC, shows 71 percent approval of Prop 64. The measure would allow certain sales of marijuana, as well as cultivation taxes.

Support for Prop 64 contrasts with a 2010 marijuana proposition that failed at the ballot box - largely because of a fear of repeat problems that came with the legalization of medical marijuana in 1996. A lack of details with the 1996 law prevented voters from taking the plunge in 2010.

But that may not be the case this year with such a high approval rating. However, its fate also lies with the types of voters that show up this November - taking into account the presidential race

What do you think of Prop 64? Would you vote “yes” this time around?


Jessica Levinson, Professor at Loyola Law School and governance expert

John Hudak, senior fellow in Governance Studies, Brookings Institution - Hudak specializes in marijuana policy