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‘Razor Girl:’ the real life incident that inspired a novel

Carl Hiaasen's new mystery satire
Carl Hiaasen's new mystery satire "Razor Girl" was inspired by a real life incident.
Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Gilette

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A woman rear ending a car while shaving her bikini area is an entertaining news story for most, but for novelist and Miami Herald columnist Carl Hiaasen, this was the titular incident that inspired a novel.

Hence, “Razor Girl,” a farcical thriller whose cast of characters includes a “Duck Dynasty”-esque reality show star, a washed up detective turned restaurant inspector (who fans might recognize from Hiaasen’s “Bad Monkey”) and the car rear-ending con artist “razor girl” herself.

Carl Hiaasen joins guest host Pat Morrison to discuss his new book – as well as how his job as a newspaper columnist feeds his fiction and the challenges of writing satire in a political landscape that seems to satirize itself.

Carl Hiaasen will hold discussion at Vroman’s Bookstore on September 15, 2016, where he will also be signing copies of his book. For more information, click here.


Carl Hiaasen, journalist, novelist and columnist for the Miami Herald; he tweets @Carl_Hiaasen