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Why teens are having less sex than previous generations

Two teenagers kiss in front of the open ocean.
Two teenagers kiss in front of the open ocean.
Uriel Sinai/Getty Images

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Generation Z seems like it’s going to be better known for indulging in a session of “Netflix and chill” than for partying with friends.

A recent study says that high school kids are having less sex than previous generations, with 41 percent claiming to never have had sex – a 6 percent drop from 10 years ago. Drinking and drug use were also down. Even with slight decreases in certain behaviors, Gen Z has been described as independent, career driven and all around “good kids.” So what’s contributed to this phenomenon?

Social media could be a factor in teens having less sex as it’s easier to connect over Twitter or Snapchat than venture out to meet. Education and shifts in parenting may also influence the change in behavior among high school kids.

Larry speaks today with dating expert, Jessica Carbino, about Generation Z’s tamer attitudes towards sex and asks listeners if they’ve seen better behavior in teens.


Jessica Carbino, Ph.D., Tinder sociologist and dating expert; she tweets from @JessicaCarbino