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CA bill attempts to overhaul how Californians vote

A woman has filled out her ballot and is placing the mail-in ballot into a mailbox.
A woman has filled out her ballot and is placing the mail-in ballot into a mailbox.
Photo by Drew Bell via Flickr Creative Commons

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The way Californians vote could change very soon. SB 450, authored by Senators Ben Allen (D-Santa Monica) and Bob Hertzberg (D-Van Nuys) will head to the State Assembly Appropriations Committee.

Under the bill:

1.  Every registered voter would be delivered a vote-by-mail ballot 28 days before Election Day.

2. Voters would be able to mail their ballot in, drop it off at a vote center, or ballot drop-off location or vote in-person at a vote center.

3. Polling places would be replaced by vote centers. Voters would have the freedom to cast a ballot at any vote center in their county instead of being tied to a single polling location. Vote centers look and feel like polling places, but provide additional benefits and options for voters.

This new election model would give Californians more flexibility in terms of where and when they vote -- so long as their county opts in.


Ben Allen, California State Senator for district 26, representing areas including Hollywood, Marina del Rey, Santa Monica and Manhattan Beach, and author of SB 450.

Bob Stern, former president of the LA-based Center for Governmental Studies and elections counsel to the secretary of state under Governor Jerry Brown