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Meet the candidates: U.S. Senate candidate Duf Sundheim on his hopes for ‘A New California’

Duf Sundheim at a U.S. Senate debate at KPBS in San Diego, May 10, 2016.
Duf Sundheim at a U.S. Senate debate at KPBS in San Diego, May 10, 2016.
Milan Kovacevic/KPBS

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We begin our series of conversations with the leading candidates to fill the U.S. Senate seat Barbara Boxer will be vacating.

Two Democrats lead the latest polls – Attorney General Kamala Harris and Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez. Three Republicans follow – former state GOP leaders Tom Del Becarro and Duf Sundheim, along with software developer Ron Unz.

During the final U.S. Senate debate Tuesday before California’s primary elections, Republican candidate George Melchoir "Duf" Sundheim battled it out among his fellow GOP rivals and, most notably, the Democratic frontrunner Harris.

The debate, held at San Diego State University, was a chance for Sundheim to make his positions known including state handled gun control and reducing regulation for small businesses. Other policies of Sundheim’s include making California a leader in water management by scrapping the state’s plans for the High Speed Rail and using part of those funds to create new water management projects.

In the Senate race, Harris isn’t the only leading contender Sundheim has to consider: Del Beccaro, who is considered the most conservative candidate on the ticket. According to an April survey, Del Beccaro leads in support by 2 percent, making for a more difficult climb to victory in a largely liberal state.

Larry Mantle speaks to Sundheim today about his campaign and what he hopes to bring to the future of California.

Watch Tuesday's U.S. Senate debate here:


Duf Sundheim, U.S. Senate Candidate and former chair of the Republican Party (2003 to 2007)