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Faith Salie cares a lot about what other people think

"Approval Junkie" by Faith Salie
Penguin Random House

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Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me panelist Faith Salie's new memoir Approval Junkie is about a feeling we all struggle with, that the like and approval of others is more important than our feelings about ourselves.

But her book is not about accepting yourself for who you are and finding a new motivation from self-love. Detailing her lifelong cycle of insecurities, Salie confirms the humanity of the seemingly flawless: that even people like Beyoncé (who just released a whole album on the topic!) worry about their appearance, their performance and whether people really, truly like them.

From getting good grades in school to having a "perfect" relationship to maintaining an unreasonably flawless body, Salie argues that while maybe she could care a little less what other people think, constantly seeking applause has led her to accomplish more than she would have imagined for herself.

Faith Salie will be in conversation with author Annabelle Gurwitch at Live Talks Los Angeles tonight at 8 PM. Click here for more information.


Faith Salie, author of “Approval Junkie: Adventures in Caring Too Much” (Crown Archetype 2016) and television and radio personality who can be seen on CBS News Sunday Morning, Science Goes to the Movies on PBS and heard on NPR's Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me; she tweets from @Faith_Salie