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Basketball analytics are helping shape the game like never before

"Chasing Perfection" by Andy Glockner.

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Instead of waiting for the next Michael Jordan, NBA teams are taking matters into their own hands.

So-called “number crunchers” are using basketball analytics to find the next “perfect player.” Often times, a player's athletic potential is overlooked and in turn, the player is undervalued. But with big data, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect player to help transform a team.

How do teams determine what data should be prioritized and how the data what should be weighted? How can teams afford to depend on analytics when so much is at stake?

National sports writer Andy Glockner explains how technology is shaping basketball in his new book, “Chasing Perfection.”


Andy Glockner, author of “Chasing Perfection: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the High-Stakes Game of Creating an NBA Champion.” He is also a national sports writer and executive editor of The Cauldron; Andy tweets from @AndyGlockner