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As CA District of Choice bill awaits reauthorization, is it time to allow more kids to transfer?

Second-grade children make their way to class at the elementary school.
Second-grade children make their way to class at the elementary school.
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

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A comprehensive study by California's Legislative Analyst (LAO) bolsters efforts to reauthorize a California law that allows school districts to accept student transfers from outside districts.  

At present 47 school districts have opted into the "District of Choice" program, set to expire next year.

The LAO found of the 10,000 annual student transfers, a variety of demographic backgrounds are served by moving to schools with higher test scores. Moreover, home districts that lose students often respond by improving their instructional offerings, according to the report. There is a limit to the number of districts allowed to participate.

Should the cap be removed? Would the positive findings be replicated if the program expanded?

District of Choice


Bob Huff, California Republican Senate Minority Leader Emeritus - 29th Senate District (San Dimas); Huff has authored two successive iterations authorizing District of Choice legislation

Sean Goldman, Executive Director of Student Support Services at the Simi Valley Unified School District. He is in charge of inter-district transfer for the district