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NY AG report finds ticketing system for sports events, concerts ‘rigged’

Fans cheer the Irish band U2 during a performance.
Fans cheer the Irish band U2 during a performance.
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A major report from New York finds that the ticketing industry is “rigged” against consumers, making it almost impossible for them to buy tickets to events and concerts at affordable prices.

The attorney general’s office started investigating the industry after complaints from consumers, and found that brokers like StubHub inflate the prices of tickets at average of almost 50 percent more than what they cost. Additionally, some brokers use “ticket bots” -- a type of illegal software -- to buy up tickets as quickly as possible. Two broker, the investigation found, were able to gobble up 15,000 tickets to a series of U2 concerts.

The report also found fault with Ticketmaster for piling on extra fees to the face value of a ticket.  

NY Attorney General Ticket Sales Report


Dave Brooks, Executive Editor of Amplify Media, focusing on the venues and live entertainment industry