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Assemblyman, finance experts opine on Governor Brown’s 2016 budget proposal

California Gov. Jerry Brown released a state-wide budget Thursday, January 7.
California Gov. Jerry Brown released a state-wide budget Thursday, January 7.
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“Save it for a rainy day” seemed to be the takeaway as Governor Jerry Brown unveiled his 2016-2017 state budget proposal on Thursday.

During a news conference at the Capitol, Governor Brown preached financial prudence, but also announced a big bump in spending on public education to the tune of more than $70 million as well as $1.4 billion for Medi-Cal. The big focus of the announcement, however, was the $2 billion Governor Brown has earmarked for the state’s rainy-day fund.

Some lawmakers have applauded the Governor’s proposal and his continued conservative approach to spending. Others say while it’s good to save money for those “just in case” scenarios, there are other areas like infrastructure that are in desperate need of taxpayer money. Many Republicans don’t want to see fees or taxes increased on health care plans or to pay for infrastructure upgrades.

Do you agree with the Governor’s decision to save money for expenses down the road, or do you think there are more pressing needs the state has right now?


Donald Wagner (R-Irvine), State Assembly Member representing California’s 68th Assembly District, which includes Irvine, Orange, and Anaheim

Chris Hoene, Executive Director, California Budget & Policy Center, a nonpartisan public policy research group

HD Palmer, spokesman, California Department of Finance