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‘Artisanal,’ ‘hipster,’ ‘millennial,’ and other terms that have to go in 2016

An artisan cookie bar located inside a grocery store.
An artisan cookie bar located inside a grocery store.

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As the final hours tick down, many of us are leaving the past where it belong and looking ahead to what’s coming in 2016.

In this spirit, the editors at CityLab have put together a list of terms, words and phrases that they feel need to be nixed in the new year. “Whether they’re overused, misunderstood, or wrongfully deployed, sometimes good words and concepts go bad,” the editors write.

So, what kinds of words and terms are we talking about?

For starters, the fact that the editors want to get rid of "millennial" should surprise no one. “Uber for X” is another phrase they’d like to see forgotten. They suggest that some of the startups they’ll write about in 2016 might be more creative than Uber copycats for different industries. 

“Sharing economy” also made the final cut, because as the editors say, “whether you applaud these companies for the flexibility they offer or bemoan them for the job security they don’t, you should call them what they are: businesses with a bottom line.”

What are some terms, words or phrases you’d like to see society forget in 2016?


Sommer Mathis, editor of CityLab, which has put together the list of terms, words, phrases that they feel should be retired