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Tracing the genesis of ISIS

"Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS" by Joby Warrick
Penguin Random House

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How would the man who helped foment the so-called Islamic State insurgency react to President Obama's address last night?

Now deceased, Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi is profiled in a new book by Joby Warrick, the national security reporter for “The Washington Post.” In "Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS,"  Warrick chronicles Al-Zarqawi's turn from a common street criminal in Jordan to waging "jihad" in Afghanistan in the late 1980s to being named (mistakenly) by the U.S. as the link between the 9/11 hijackers and Iraq's Saddam Hussein.

Warrick joins AirTalk to discuss why Al-Zarqawi proved so influential among militants in the Middle East.


Joby Warrick, Author, “Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS,” National Security Reporter, The Washington Post. He tweets from @JobyWarrick