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Film productions up in LA, and so are complaints from residents

A professional cameraman records video.
A professional cameraman records video.

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Los Angeles is experiencing an uptick in film and TV shoots, but complaints about these productions from neighborhoods and residents are also up.

Film L.A., the organization that handles film permit applications, is reporting a near 20 percent rise in complaints this year compared to 2013. Many of the complaints have to do with parking and the late hours these shoots run til.

The city and state have devoted a lot of attention and resources to stem runaway production. A $330 million tax credit program paid for by the state was implemented a couple years ago to incentivize film and TV producers to work in LA.

The generous tax credit program seems to be paying dividends. But tensions between film producers and residents are certain to flare as LA reestablishes itself as a production center.


Philip Sokoloski, vice president of integrated communications at Film L.A., the nonprofit that oversees film and TV productions in Los Angeles

Cami Taylor, film liaison and member of the Hancock Park Homeowners Association