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Sugar or corn syrup? Court case to decide which is better for the human body

A silver spoon grazes a pile of sugar.
A silver spoon grazes a pile of sugar.
Michael Pardo/Flickr

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It’s a long-raging battle and for the next week, the war between sugar and corn syrup -- and which one is better for you -- will take place in a courtroom in Los Angeles.

A federal jury will begin hearing a case today, brought forth by the sugar industry against the Corn Refiners Association -- which makes corn syrup. Big sugar is claiming that Big Corn is claiming incorrectly in a multi-platform advertising campaign that corn syrup is natural and just like sugar.

The suit also takes issue with the Corn Refiners Association’s rebranding of corn syrup as “corn sugar.”


Eugene Egdorf, an attorney at the Lanier Law Firm, which is handling the case for the Western Sugar Cooperative and other sugar players

Roger Clemens, adjunct professor of pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences at USC. He specializes in nutrition and toxicology