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Ted Koppel on the probability of a cyberattack on our nation’s power grid

"Lights Out" by Ted Koppel.
Penguin Random House

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The U.S. currently uses only three electric power grids.

What if even one of them was compromised by a cyberattack? The blackout could last for weeks or even months and the effects would lead to looted businesses, food and water shortages and a sanitation nightmare in several states.

Should this hypothetical situation happen, how prepared are we to take on such an ambush?

Former Nightline anchor, Ted Koppel, tackles that question in his new book, “Lights Out.” Today, he discusses the answers with Larry Mantle, and his investigation of the probability of such an attack, how national leaders are prepared to respond and what ordinary citizens would be faced with should the event strike.


Ted Koppel, former anchor of ABC’s Nightline (1980 to 2005) and author of “Lights Out” (Penguin Random House)