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Emmy 2015 Unstructured Reality: A&E’s ‘Intervention’

"Emmy Award"
Hans Splinter via Flickr

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The controversial premise of A&E’s “Intervention,” a nightmarishly realistic portrayal of addiction recovery, may be what’s propelled the show to its 14th season.

It’s certainly part of what’s garnered it another Emmy nomination for best Unstructured Reality show this year. Reality TV began as a kooky trend at the turn of the millennium but is now a staple for audiences and the industry.

AirTalk is taking a deeper look at this year's Emmy category of Unstructured Reality, and today we dive into the dark world of “Intervention.” The series deals with individuals struggling with a wide spectrum of addictions--from crystal meth or sex, to duster or alcohol--and the people in their lives begging them to seek treatment.


Jeffrey Weaver, executive producer of A&E’s “Intervention”